How do I get a dealer account with Dealer Program

To join the MTS dealer program you need meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a Sales Tax ID and/or Retail Sales license: You'll need to email or fax a copy to us.
  2. Valid email address: this will be our primary method of communication
  3. Have an Active Credit Card for making purchases. We accept all four major credit cards
  4. Business must be located in the United States.  We do not accept international dealerships at this time.
  5. You must purchase at least $5,000 worth of products each year to maintain your dealer status.
  6. We require a minimum first order of $1,000 upon acceptance into the program. (subsequent orders do not have this restriction)
  7. As a dealer, you MUST meet all Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) requirements from manufacturers. If a manufacturer requires MAP pricing, you may only advertise the MAP price and can only sell the product for a lower price upon customer request. Online stores may also offer a secondary link that requires the customer to interact with the product page to receive a lower price. (i.e. "Add to Cart for a lower price") this is the electronic equivalent of asking you for your price
  8. Prospective dealers must meet one or more of the following requirements:
  • A brick & mortar retail location. Please send one photo of interior and exterior of store
  • A current Yellow Pages advertisement. Please send a copy of ad
  • A current advertisement from a major model railroading or hobby magazine. Please send copy of ad)
  • A PCI-DSS compliant, cart-based website. Please note that Auction sites i.e. eBay are not allowed

If you believe you fulfill the above requirements to become a dealer please complete the following steps:

1. Email copies of the required information to:

2. Create an account on our website: here


This account will contain all of your current billing and shipping information. Upon approval of dealership status, you will be emailed with additional program details. Please refrain from placing orders until you have been approved.

Please Note:

  • We reserve the right to discontinue a dealer account if requirements are not maintained or valid complaints are received.
  • Requirements and/or policies may be amended or edited at any time, without advance notice, at our sole discretion.


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